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Public Attributes

curlObjData Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

int anyAuthFlag
struct MemoryStruct bodyVar
char * bodyVarName
int cancelTrans
char * cancelTransVarName
char * command
CURL * curl
char * debugProc
char * errorBuffer
char * errorBufferKey
char * errorBufferName
struct formArrayStructformArray
char * headerFile
int headerFlag
FILE * headerHandle
struct curl_slist * headerList
char * headerVar
struct curl_slist * http200aliases
char * inFile
int inFlag
FILE * inHandle
Tcl_Interp * interp
char * outFile
int outFlag
FILE * outHandle
struct curl_httppost * postListFirst
struct curl_httppost * postListLast
struct curl_slist * postquote
struct curl_slist * prequote
char * progressProc
char * proxy
struct curl_slist * quote
char * randomFile
char * readProc
Tcl_Command shareToken
char * sshkeycallProc
char * stderrFile
int stderrFlag
FILE * stderrHandle
Tcl_Command token
int transferText
char * writeProc

Detailed Description

Definition at line 66 of file tclcurl.h.

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